How to Read Your Water Meter

This video goes over how you can read a San Jose Water Company water meter. Please visit the Readering Your Meter page on for more information on how to read your water meter.

almost 4 years agoDecember 25, 2016
I got 12ccf for 19 days while the house was mostly vacant before we found a new house tenant. I am wondering if there was a leak and how meters are read by the water company reader.
Customer Service
over 3 years agoJanuary 17, 2017
Water meters are read on a bimonthly schedule and the video here provides a good explanation.  Since there are roughly 60 days in a billing cycle, those 12 ccfs could have been consumed either before or after the period where no one was in the residence.  For further information, please contact Customer Service at 408-279-7900.
Scott Munson
almost 3 years agoDecember 15, 2017
Would be helpful if it gave some indication of where we could find the water meter. I live in an Eichler and wonder where it is located.
Jeff Hobbs
almost 3 years agoDecember 15, 2017
Great point. Unfortunately, meters can be placed in many different areas. The most common location is in front of your house in the middle of the sidewalk. I'm not sure where Eichler is, but if you're a customer, you should be able to email and they may be able to tell you the location of your meter if you give them your address. We do have notes on where to find a meter (the notes are used by our meter readers), so a representative should be able to give you that information.
Ram Venk
19 days agoSeptember 8, 2020
How do I shut off the main water valve in case there is work needed on the line from the meter to the home
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