Rates, Conservation, and the Value of Water

This video talks talks about the process of establishing water rates, water conservation, and the value of tap water.

maruth kamath
about 1 year agoJune 3, 2017
How can you put a ridiculous 51$ service charge on a 20$ water usage?
John Tang
about 1 year agoJune 5, 2017
Maruth, thank you for your comment.  If you are referring to your bill, please contact our Customer Service Department at 408-279-7900 for additional information.  Please note that the bill covers two months of service.
Kristine Jordan
about 1 year agoJune 5, 2017
Maruth, please also find additional information on our website under: https://www.sjwater.com/for_your_home/home_customer_care/rates_regulations This weblink will provide you a video on how we get to our rates on the bills, regulations, general rate schedules under our Tariffs (The CPUC approves all of our rates) and https://www.sjwater.com/for_your_home/home_customer_care/billing/how_to_read_your_bill for a diagram on how to read your bill.  If you still have any questions, our customer service team would be more than happy to assist: customer.service@sjwater.com or 1-408-279-7900
about 1 year agoJune 6, 2017
How can we determine what size meter our household should be charged for? And what is the number of fixtures/hose bibs/faucets/etc for each size threshold?
John Tang
about 1 year agoJune 6, 2017
Tina, thanks for your question?  The various meter sizes and their associated charges can be found in Schedule 1 at https://www.sjwater.com/for_your_home/home_customer_care/rates_regulations/general_rate_schedules_for_billing.  With regards to your other question, please contact Nicole at 408-279-7862.  She will be happy to help you.
brandon bui
11 months agoSeptember 19, 2017
It is ridiculous. My service change is $85 and I live in a 2br condo without a lawn.
Jayme Ackemann
11 months agoSeptember 19, 2017
Brandon, we're sorry you feel that way.  We are happy to discuss your concerns further.  You can email customer.service@sjwater.com. The average bill is between $100 and $200 and because our bills come out bi-monthly that means that the average monthly charge is between $50 and $100.  It looks like you're paying about $42.50 each month for water.
8 months agoDecember 14, 2017
Well thank you for letting me understand where the service charge is coming from.  $85 for $4 of water usage just doesn't sound right.  Maybe service charges should be better set up especially for those who have very little water usage.  Especially when I have no yard and live in a town home, by myself.
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